What can you expect on Hello Podcast?

31st Mar 2022


Hello Podcast helps to organise your podcast, here is what you can expect when you create an account...My Account Page 1 Login

On this page you can:

  • Search your podcasts
  • Create as many podcasts as you like
  • Work on podcasts you have been asked to collaborate on
  • Invite collaborators to your podcasts
  • See important podcasts events in your calendar - these can be generated by you and automatically generate on individual episode pages


When you click into your podcast...

Podcast Page

Here you can:

  • Organise everything to do with your podcast including adhoc tasks
  • Add as many episodes and keep a track of how complete they are
  • Create a to do list based on the outstanding tasks on the episode pages
  • Keep track of costs relating to your podcast


For each episode you create...

Episode page

For each episode you can:

  • Keep guest details all in one place
  • Create lists and notes to plan each episode


Happy podcasting, we can't wait to listen!